Rocky Mountain Furniture Restoration

est. 1977

Quality Furniture Restoration and Repair

Banded Trunk Restored vanity


The goal of Rocky Mountain Restoration is to preserve the integrity and aesthetic qualities intended by the designers and craftsmen of furniture, heirloom pieces, and functional art.

Our restoration process is thoughtful and deliberate with a heavy emphasis on a client's involvement in selecting the level and scope of work to be done on their pieces. Our decades of experience allow us to offer an array of choices from a minimal conservation job to a complete top-down renovation/restore.

Refinished dresserRefurbished cabinet


Tall clock after restoration by Rocky Mountain Furniture Restoration Pieces of the tall clock after the accident, before restoration Pieces of the tall clock after the accident, restoration in progress

Frequently, repairs are required in a restoration job. Moving damage is a common cause of many of our clients need for our assistance. Other causes of damage to heirloom and daily use furniture are natural-ageing of wood and sudden changes in environment. Moving from a humid, low-elevation location to the Rocky Mountains may cause wood to shrink and generations-old glue joints to pull apart.

With over 75 years of combined woodworking and restoration experience we have the knowledge and understanding to gently correct what nature or accidents have put asunder.


Restored sleigh

All the highest quality woodworking and craftsmanship are of little matter if a finish is poorly executed. Structural soundness on its own is incomplete without a beautiful finished product. We possess knowledge of historic finishes from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and the means to care for them and recreate many of them as well. We also have a complete professional finish application room on site and are able to match any color(s), natural wood tones, and hues one can imagine. We consider our finishing work as a critical and artistic part of every project.

A pair of doors ready for finishingTwo doors stained to bring out the grain and waiting final finishFinished finish on the doors