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Rocky Mountain Furniture Restoration

Blackwood Cabinet

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Restoration is more of an art form than simply reattaching broken pieces and renewing colors and hues. When a tree is cut and milled to be made into furniture it is given a second purpose. A piece is created by a craftsman to provide many years of service, often staying in the same family for generations.

A professional restoration process can bring an old, often severely damaged heirloom back into a polished form of its original condition. Once again, the old tree is given another chance for usefulness and visual pleasure. With over 75 years of combined experience in woodworking/restoration, finishing and art, the craftsmen at RMFR will provide you with exceptional quality no matter the size and scope of your restoration needs.

We at RMFR consider it an honor to restore a piece created by a craftsman from so long ago. We often recognize recurring techniques used in various periods in history which are no longer practiced today and are able to duplicate the work as though standing side by side with the original master.